We are EEx.

EEx is made up of a group of experienced procurement, energy, and technology professionals dedicated to building a smarter, more effective global supply chain.

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Taryn Sullivan, CEO

Taryn's extensive professional experience developing products for the shelves of Target, Kohl's, Pottery Barn, and other international brands is the inspiration for EEx. Her long, successful history of solving her own supply chain challenges — and conducting business in Mandarin Chinese — gives Taryn first-hand knowledge of how both sides of the factory/retailer equation work, think, and operate.

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Lee Trout, Engineering

In his time with National Geographic and the Washington Post, Lee successfully built a number of critical web applications before bringing his creative, forward-thinking problem solving abilities to EEx. His wide-ranging expertise in planning, designing, and executing — along with his experience working with a variety of domestic manufacturers — is essential to bringing EEx's most powerful tools to life.

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Nate Sullivan, Product & Marketing

Nate has spent his entire career working with a wide range of innovative tools & technologies, from industrial power monitors to corporate information systems. He brings eight years of experience with all facets of technical communication — from documentation to product management and marketing — and a passion for better tools that is at the heart of EEx's mission.

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Jamie Yu, Product Marketing (China Lead)

An experienced teacher, listener, and multicultural storyteller, Jamie functions as EEx's direct day-to-day contact with the world of industrial China. Her ability to bridge the gap between on-the-ground factory needs and the potential of the Efficiency Exchange platform makes her voice an essential part of EEx's products and brand.

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Drake Schaberg, Designer

Drake helps make things look good. With his illustration and graphic design talents he is able to create anything EEx needs, whether it's a website, logo, or Larry the Energy Monster — he can make it all.

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Paul Lu, Programs

As an Energy Engineer at Sodexo, Paul developed an extensive understanding of energy management practices through projects with companies like Nokia and AstraZeneca. Now, as the head of Programs at EEx, Paul is focused on making sure EEx Charge is the most effective energy management experience available for factories throughout China.

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Samuel Zhou, Research

Samuel brings over a decade of experience in energy management to EEx, and has trained over 350 Certified Energy Managers (CEMs) in China for companies like Johnson Controls, Dow Chemical, & Honeywell. His combination of real world, hands-on experience and bold strategic thinking is the driving force behind the EEx factory experience.